Farndale Daffodils

All daffodil images are taken from the Robertsons DVD "Postcard from Yorkshire"

Internationally famous, the wild daffodils at Farndale attract 40,000 + visitors every year!

The story goes, that these wild daffodils at Farndale, have been planted by the monks from nearby Rievaulx Abbey over 500 years ago.

At one time, the daffodils stretched across fields and up the hillsides, but the government decided that agriculture was far more important.

Now the Farndale daffodils are protected by law, so we can all enjoy their wonderful show year after year.So please do not pick any daffodils!

The daffodil walk, which is approximately 1½ miles, runs along side the river Dove between Low Mill and High Mill.

During the "daffy" season, normally between the end of March & beginning of April, information can be obtained from the

North York Moors National Park caravan, situated at Low Mill. The "Postcard from Yorkshire" DVD can be bought from the Daffy Caffy at £4.99, or online at: Robertsons

Farndale Daffodils Farndale Daffodils Farndale Daffodils 

                 Farndale  Valley.                                                          Daffy Caffy.                                               St,Marys Church at Church Houses.

 Farndale Daffodils Farndale Daffodils Farndale Daffodils

        Farndale Walk.                                                         Feversham Arms.                                             Feversham Arms Deliveries !

 Farndale Daffodils Farndale Daffodils Farndale Daffodils

Daffodils along the river Dove in Farndale